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Zimbabwe | Janvier 2015

Comedy tackles dancehall violence

Janvier 2015 - faits de société

Source : http://www.herald.co.zw/comedy-tackles-dancehall-violence/ 28 January 2015

Comedian Lloyd “Mabla 10” Kurima will this week release his new comedy “Bag Rabvaruka Season 4”. Kurima said the production is done and they will unveil it to the public on Friday.

“Everything is now ready and we have set Friday as the official date of the release,” he said.

Musicians Shinsoman and Kinnah feature in the comedy.

Kinnah said they were happy that the comedy was coming out and people will learn a lot from the issues they portray in their roles.

“We have to use different platforms to preach peace among dancehall fans and artistes. We welcome the decision by the producer to give us a chance,” said the Mbare-bred chanter.

Shinsoman said promoters and artistes have a big role to play in castigating violence in the genre. “Peace begins with us artistes, then promoters and fans so we have to encourage them not to be violent so that the genre expands,” he said.

Winky D who was supposed to be part of the cast failed to make it again due to his pressing commitments.

“He was busy and he could not make it,” said Kurima.

Kurima who doubles as Jah Prayzah’s stage manager said the story is about notorious Sekuru Zvambu who caused havoc in the society. “Mai Shinda, Sekuru Zvambu and Mazepe Mabvisvo are some of the actors from the previous series who will feature in the comedy,” he said. “People are gaining confidence in the whole team and to me as a comedian it is encouraging,” he said.

Kurima said he decided to involve dancehall artistes so that they can preach peace in their genre. “It is not just for those involved in dancehall but a responsibility of every Zimbabwean to preach peace so that the arts industry grows.

“These artistes agreed to work with me and if other artistes take the message through various social platforms it will work for us,” he said.


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