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Malawi | Avril 2015

Laughing scandal with ‘Laughgate’

Avril 2015 - faits de société

Source : http://timesmediamw.com/laughing-scandal-with-laughgate/ 17 April 2015

UK-based standup comedian Daliso Chaponda is back in the country with a show dubbed Laughgate set to be held on April 25 at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

The show has been organised by Lilongwe based Qoncept Creative led by renowned poet Q Malewezi in partnership with Laughrica Productions.

The comedian has held performances in the country belting out LaughricaAnti-social commentator andPresidents of Lauphrica signatures and now he brings what he terms ‘Laughgate’.

Chaponda said in an interview on Wednesday that in Laughgate he is bringing all new material and that he has expanded the subject matter.

“This is a more fresh show in which I have packaged more issues. I am bringing to the stage several issues, actually I am thinking about what’s wrong with Africa so I have not spared anyone because I will talk about politicians, prophets, musicians and footballers among others,” he said.

The comedian, who took to his Facebook page asking people what issues they wanted him to talk about in his ‘Laughgate,’ said he always talks about what is on people’s minds in his jokes.

“I have love in my jokes, I have jokes on families, stupidity and of course you cannot avoid cashgate which is the biggest subject. This is a subject that is ongoing and interesting and this is more like our Oscar Pistorious story,” said Chaponda.

He said he was prepared for the show and that he is aiming to make people cry with laughter as well as shock some people.

Chaponda will be sharing the stage with fellow Malawian acts.

“This is part of raising the bar for fellow Malawian comedians. To those who have talent, I say let them come forward and show it. You just need to come up and impress, you will not make it outright but keep perfecting your acts and you will get there. It was difficult for me as well. It took me years to be where I am but I braved all the criticism,” he said.

He said as he is growing his brand in the country and Africa, he is focusing on producing DVDs.

“It’s just a matter of time but people should look out to my DVDs for all my performances. Actually there will also be some DVDs during my performance in Lilongwe,” he said.

Chaponda who has also published fiction in numerous magazines and anthologies began his comedy career in Canada with the acclaimed one man show ‘Feed this black man.’

The comedian has appeared on Comedy Central Africa and several other platforms.

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