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Zimbabwe | Juillet 2015

Comedians raise funds for cancer patient

Juillet 2015 - projets culturels

Source : http://www.herald.co.zw/comedians-raise-funds-for-cancer-patient/29 June 2015

No contribution is too small for Takudzwa Paradza, who was diagnosed with a high degree of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September last year and has since gone through numerous chemotherapy sessions. Comedians across the nation have decided to join hands to help fund-raise the remaining $3 000 which the young man needs for treatment.

The Comedy Against Cancer Show to be held tomorrow at New Ambassador Hotel and is being hosted by Simuka Comedy with an entrance fee of $5. The comedy show will run under the theme “#AnswerTheCall #SaveTaku”. Award-winning comedian Simba the Comic King gathered his fellow comedians to perform at this charity fund-raising event who include the hilarious Doc Vikela, Da DJ, Prosper the Comic Pastor and Simba Masusela.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Simba the Comic King was delighted to be part of such a ground-breaking initiative that will help Taku have his bone marrow transplant in India.

“Basically, it’s a Simuka Comedy initiative to raise funds for Takudzwa Rugare Paradza who has had cancer before and now has it in the spine. As comedians we have decided to pitch in and play our part in helping him raise the remaining amount before his departure for India on July 8.

“We are calling out to all well-wishers and comic fans to come through and support this event because Takudzwa needs us more right now and as a society let us be proactive in making a difference. It all begins with us, we are all our brother’s keeper,” he said.

An autologous bone marrow transplant was recommended for Takudzwa and is slotted to be done in India on July. 8 Answer The Call committee member Kudzai Jena Chambisha said they are heartened by the various initiatives that the community have come up with in order to raise funds for Taku.

“People have responded overwhelmingly. It is just amazing. Monetary support is coming from all angles including this Comedy Against Cancer Show tomorrow.

There will be a sponsored walk and a car wash for Taku and the big concert on Saturday which will bring together the likes of Tehn Diamond, Killer T, BaShupi. Sharky and Soul Afrika, to mention but a few,” he said.

Takudzwa’s mother, Maria, received a staggering $15 000 from CBZ Bank on Monday and this was a breakthrough to add to the $8 000 raised so far from well-wishers. He needs $25 000 for the bone marrow transplant.


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